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Mini Split Installation

Casey Services offers Mini Split installation services. From single-zone to entire home installations, we’ve done it all and know how to do it right.

Mini Split Installation Process

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.” 70-90% of mini-split systems are installed incorrectly. We understand that you want things done right the first time. Our Mitsubishi certified experts have done hundreds of installations and know what it takes to get your new system up and running.

Our Process

  • Load Calculation – We do load calculations based on the major factors affecting a home, such as size, insulation, sunlight, etc. This is often referred to as Manuals J load calculation.
  • Consult – We discuss the HVAC needs of the home, as well as the comfort, energy savings, and system lifespan with the homeowner.
  • Permits – We pull all necessary permits. Without the proper permits, your system cannot be inspected by the county. Also, in case of an electrical or system fire, insurance companies won’t cover any possible damages to your home. And usually system manufacturers won’t warranty an unpermitted installation.
  • Removal – We remove your old unit (if there is one) and recycle the unit and freon. If someone is caught not properly recycling, but instead venting freon, it can result in a $10,000 fine due to its harmful environmental effects!
  • Mini Split Installation – We install the new system per the manufacturers specifications. No cutting corners, skipping valuable tests, or trying to skimp on materials like nitrogen or solder. This is very important – if the system is not installed properly, it will leak repeatedly and suffer serious problems.
  • Test – We pump nitrogen through the system, which helps remove harmful moisture. If any moisture is left in the system, it will turn into acid and start eating through various parts.
  • Retest – We then pull a vacuum on the system, sucking all the nitrogen and any contaminants out. Again, this keeps the system free of harmful moisture that would later acidize and destroy parts.
  • Inspection – Once approved by the inspector, we fire on the system and do our last test and calibrations.
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New Mini Split Installation or Repair?

When considering new mini-split installation or repair, various factors come into play, including the system's age, repair frequency and costs, energy efficiency, compatibility, & more. Ask one of our mini split professionals about what factors affect you most.

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Mini Split Installation FAQ

How Much Does Mini Split Installation Cost?

Your mini-split is both your heating and cooling system. According to NC State Law, every mini-split system must go through tests and calculations. The average cost for mini-split installation is around $1,900 – $4,900 for smaller homes and $4,200 – $10,000+ for larger homes. The items below help determine the total cost of your Mini Split installation.

How Long Do Mini Split Air Conditioners Last?

Generally, a high quality Mini Split system can last around 20 years. But an improperly installed Mini Split can break down within days or wear out within 3 years.
Lower-quality systems often have short warranties and may not last as long. However, with proper Mini Split installation and maintenance, it may last longer.
The key to a durable, healthy system is a proper Mini Split installation and high quality maintenance

Does Home Square Footage Increase My Mini Split Installation Cost?

Yes it does. Home square footage, ceiling height, and stories all play a role in the cost. Also, mini-split systems work off two zones: single and multi-zone systems. Deciding between the two depends on your heating and cooling needs. You may need multiple heads (indoor unit) or even multiple condensers (outdoor unit).

How Often Should I Get My Mini Split Serviced?

If your Mini Split provides both your heating and cooling, then you should get it maintained twice a year. Thankfully, with all installations, we offer a free year of maintenance - once in the fall and spring! This mitigates the risk of larger, more expensive repairs and keeps your system running efficiently. All of this is included in our biannual maintenance plan.

How Efficient Are Ductless Mini Splits?

Mini Split systems are similar to heat pumps and are considered one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. That’s why many mini-splits can have a 20+ SEER rating, and some have a 40+ SEER rating.

Will My Mini-Split Save Me Money Each Month? Each Year?

When compared to traditional electric heating systems, mini-splits use 60% less energy to heat and 30% less energy to cool. To achieve the best results, look for high SEER & HSPF as they indicate high efficiency. Other factors like BTU’s, design, insulation, and sunlight all play a major role in energy savings.

Do Mini-Splits Add Value to a Home?

Adding a new, more efficient system always adds value to a home, but how much exactly can vary. Home appraisal has a section dedicated to energy efficiency. In North Carolina, if a home is certified energy efficient, then it is more likely to sell and to sell at a higher value than a less energy efficient home.

However, some people may not like the look or design of a mini-split system. To get the best answers on this, ask your local real estate agent to see what the local market trends are.

Are Energy-Efficient Mini Splits Tax Deductible?

It depends on the state, county, and even the local utility company. Here is a helpful link: