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Mini Split AC systems are becoming widely popular. And while these systems can last over 20 years, they still need repairs every now and then.

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Mini Split AC Repair Cost

This is the cost of a NATE Certified technician to come out and diagnose your mini-split system.

Emergency rates may apply outside normal business hours.

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How Do I Know If My Mini Split AC Needs Repair?

Below is a list of symptoms of a broken or inefficient Mini Split AC. If your ductless Mini Split AC system has any of these symptoms, it likely needs repair.

Mini-split systems line up against a brick wall

Higher than normal electric bill

A malfunction in the unit’s energy consumption can cause a large spike in your monthly energy bill.

Bad smells or odors

A melting plastic or mildew-like smell can be a sign that your system is malfunctioning or needs to be cleaned.

Outdoor unit not turning on

While this may be a simple tripped breaker, power issues can indicate that your condenser or compressor is having issues. These are some of the most expensive parts of your system, so it’s best to address this problem quickly.

Grinding or other unusual sounds

This often indicates a larger problem and should be addressed ASAP as it could damage your system.

No air coming from unit

If the unit has power, but the fan still won’t activate, it might mean there are some other electrical issues.

Incorrect airflow temperatures

This could be the result of ice on the unit, clogged filters, or various other issues.

Poor signal

If the unit is turning off and on frequently or is only working in specific modes.

Ice formation

This happens when your airflow is already reduced, which could be due to a clogged filter, malfunctioning thermostat, broken fan, refrigerant leak, or dirty coil. If the ice formation is ignored, it could require a complete coil replacement.

Water damage

If you are starting to see water damage underneath or around your indoor unit (the head), then you may have a drainage issue. This should be addressed quickly as moisture inside walls can lead to mold. 

Common Mini Split AC Problems

The cost of a Mini Split AC repair can seem mysterious. It normally includes diagnosis, parts, professional labor, and potentially other fees like local permits or taxes. Below is a list of common Mini Split AC problems and what it takes to fix them.

HVAC system gauges for testing pressure and refrigerant  levels

Fan speed

Improper fan speed can cause condensation on the head, or on the indoor mini-split unit. This drippage also has the potential to damage your walls and floors if it's not addressed!

Low on refrigerant

Leaks are a common issue with any air conditioner. While you can always just keep refilling your mini-split, it won’t solve the issue long-term and will end up costing you more money than necessary.

Voltage issues

It’s important to make sure that your mini-split unit has the right amount of voltage. If not, that can cause serious damage to the system.

No power

If your mini-split doesn't have power, it could be a simple breaker switch, or possibly an electrical problem that would need to be addressed by a service technician.

Poorly installed unit

It’s not uncommon for a unit to be poorly installed as a lot of mini-splits markets themselves as DIY. Kinks in drain lines or refrigerant lines, improper drainage/draining into crawl space, mold, or an unlevel unit are just some of the issues you may encounter.

Compressor failure

Mini-splits don’t have a filter/dryer so they can’t remove moisture from the line. Over time, moisture turns to acid and begins to erode the pipes, killing your compressor.

Bad filter

Dirty filters are a common cause of a malfunctioning system. Bad filters create airflow issues and bad odors at times.

Environmental issues

If the unit is overexposed and constantly getting hit with aggressive wind or rain, then it may not be able to operate efficiently.

Poor maintenance

After a unit has been running for a long time, you can start to see dust and black mildew build up on the fan. This can create odors and whistling noises as the air has a harder time getting through.

Brands We Service

While we only install Mitsubishi Mini Split AC systems, we service almost every brand.

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