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Mini Split AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your Mini Split AC system is the best way to ensure you stay comfortable year-round. Your mini-split system likely heats & cools some of the most important rooms in your room, so you don’t want it breaking down in the middle of summer or winter.

Our Mini Split AC Maintenance Vs Competitors

Mini Split AC maintenance isn’t a race to be cheapest – it’s about who can do the job right. Know what you’re paying for.

Mini Split AC Maintenance Cost

How much does it cost for Mini Split AC Maintenance?

Call for Quote!

CASEY:  No hidden fees, or trying to ‘find’ something wrong with your system. We’ll send one of our NATE Certified techs to do the first system’s maintenance twice a year, during normal business hours.

COMPETITOR:  Yes, they may start cheaper or offer coupons. But often you get subpar service, and pay for unnecessary ‘fixes’ or ‘services’ later. And some only visit once a year.



Do you offer any discounts?

CASEY:  Yes, 15% – You get a 15% discount on parts AND labor. Maintenance customers are also priority, meaning we do our best to schedule you first. Additionally, any repairs made have a 1 year guarantee. 

COMPETITOR:  Very Few – Some offer priority service, but few to none offer discounts on parts or labor.

Guarantee & Warranty

Do you guarantee any service or repair work? Do you warranty any parts or labor?

CASEY:  1yr on Service, 30 days on Report – Our Service Guarantee covers a parts AND labor for 1yr. And our Report Guarantee is good for 30 days, meaning if we replace a capacitor and it fails 2 days later, we replace the part for free. So you’re not stuck paying for a new report + service call + part + labor.

COMPETITOR:  Varies – It is common to see competitors advertising “guaranteed repairs,” but they don’t explain what that means. And some only cover the part, so you have to pay for a new report + service + labor.

Priority Service

How quickly will we help you?

CASEY:  ASAP – Even on a busy, hot day, if you need service or repair, then we’ll prioritize you. And on that busy, hot day, you won’t be the only person calling for service. So being at the front of the line is great! 

COMPETITOR:  Some – Some offer priority, some don’t.

Maintenance Schedule

How long and how often is a proper maintenance check-up?

CASEY:  +1hr twice a year – For a technician to properly check your mini-split system they will need at least one hour. And to stay under warranty, normally you must have maintenance twice a yearOur NATE Certified technicians go through a full checklist of items before clearing your system. That’s how we keep your system under warranty & at peak efficiency.

COMPETITOR:  ~15-30m – Some won’t tell you. But we’ve seen many competitors take only 15 min once a year, and check the bare minimum on a system. Sometimes this leads to misdiagnosed problems, unneeded costly repairs, or even system damage.

Maintenance Report

What is a mini-split maintenance report? And how do I get a copy of the report?

CASEY:  IncludedWe always provide the homeowner a copy of their report and can provide another upon request.

COMPETITOR:  Maybe – You may have to call the business to request a copy, if they even have one. Yes, really – some don’t even keep a copy for themselves!

What's Checked

What is tested on my Mini Split AC system? And what readings & measurements are recorded?


CASEY:  ExplainedWe take the time to explain your mini-split systems’ health and if it can be improved.

COMPETITOR:  Maybe – Often this data is not shared or even accessible. And some competitors are in such a hurry they don’t take time to explain.

No Upselling

Will we try to sell you something you may not want or need?

CASEY:  NeverOur techs are paid well. Their focus is to make you happy, not sell you stuff you don’t need.

COMPETITOR:  Sometimes – Many price their maintenance contract low so they can later upsell or charge for ‘repairs they find’. And many actually train and pay their ‘techs’ like a salesman.

Trustworthy Technicians

Are our technicians NATE Certified? Have we done proper background checks? And drug tests?

CASEY:  AlwaysAll or our technicians are NATE Certified, background checked, must fulfill Continuing Education (CE), and are regularly/randomly drug tested. We want you and your family to feel safe and have the best service possible.

COMPETITOR:  Sometimes – Not all techs are NATE Certified or drug tested. Many do no additional training. Some don’t even require a proper background check or drug test. Yikes!

Mitsubishi Certified

CASEY: Always – To repair a Mitsubishi Mini-split, at least 2 members of the company must undergo 2 days of factory training. During this time, they work with the newest systems and tech. This training must be done annually and without it, HVAC technicians are not permitted to work on a Mitsubishi mini-split.

COMPETITOR: Some – Other HVAC companies will send non-certified technicians to service your unit, which can void your warranty.  

Upfront Prices

How much will something cost, and how can I verify?

CASEY:  TransparentWe’re straight shooters. All of the information about our company’s policies and pricing is available to you.

COMPETITOR:  Sometimes – Again, some trick you with coupons or low upfront prices, but later try to sell you something else. 


What procedures do you have to keep everyone honest and reliable?

CASEY:  High Standard If any of our staff gives unsatisfactory service, we take it seriously. One of our managers will get involved the solve the issue. And if you’re still not satisfied, senior leaders get involved. Yep, even the bosses get involved.

COMPETITOR:  Varies – One competitor technician cussed out a homeowner in their front yard – on camera! Yeah, that really happens.

Maintenance Contract

Dedicated AC Maintenance Technicians

Our Customers Love Us

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Our AC repair service keeps you comfortable

Why Our Mini Split AC Maintenance

We take Mini Split AC maintenance seriously. So every time we come to fulfill a maintenance contract, our mini-split techs follow these rules:


  • Show up on time
  • Respect your home, your family, and your property
  • Answer all your questions
  • Provide clear and fair pricing
  • Review all documentation and contracts with you


  • Show up late
  • Upsell or use high-pressure sales tactics
  • Talk in confusing terms or language
  • Ruin grass or yard
  • Track mud or dirt in your home
  • Leave cigarette butts in your yard
  • Make anyone in your home feel uncomfortable
HVAC system gauges for testing pressure and refrigerant levels

Why should I get Mini Split AC maintenance?

There are many benefits to regular Mini Split AC maintenance:


  • Longer lifespan:  

    As with most things, the better maintained it is, the longer it will last.

  • Warranty coverage: 

    Most manufacturer warranties require maintenance visits. If your maintenance isn’t properly executed, your warranty could become void.

  • Energy efficiency:  

    An inefficient system can cause large spikes in your energy bill versus a properly maintained one can save you up to 30%!

  • Prevent costly repairs:  

    Scheduled Mini Split AC maintenance can help you manage or avoid costly repairs. 

  • Keeps you comfortable:  

    Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your heating and cooling system isn’t going to fail you during those hot summer days and cold winter nights?

  • Improved air quality:  

    If you or anyone in your family suffers from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, regular maintenance ensures that your system is putting out the highest quality air.

  • Lower cost of ownership: 

    Professional Mini Split AC maintenance lowers the chances of costly repairs and/or helps you avoid them entirely!

Our Mini Split AC Maintenance Checklist

We have a long checklist of items that we require all our NATE Certified technicians to evaluate during a Mini Split AC maintenance inspection.

Mini-split systems line up against a brick wall

What we check

  • Compressor amp draw and PSI levels
  • Outdoor condenser unit health
  • Refrigerant or freon levels
  • Fan and motor functionality
  • Fan and motor volts and amps levels
  • Mini-split capacitor health
  • Indoor unit evaporator coil health
  • Humidity levels
  • Condensate pump health
  • Drain line functionality
  • Air filters (both inside and outside)
  • Electrical components (wires, contactor, etc.)
  • Thermostat functionality
  • Remote functionality 

We Maintain All Brands

While we only install Mitsubishi Mini Split AC systems, we service almost every brand.

HVAC Equipment Brands
HVAC Equipment Brands