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Mini Split AC Installation

Casey Services offers Mini Split AC installation services to keep you comfortable year-round. From single-zone to entire home installations, we’ve done it all and know how to do it right — the first time.

Mini Split AC Installation in Wake Forest, NC


How much does Mini Split AC Installation cost?

Your mini-split is both your heating and cooling system. According to NC State Law, every mini-split system must go through tests and calculations. The average cost for mini-split installation is around $1,900 – $4,900 for smaller homes and $4,200 – $10,000+ for larger homes. The items below help determine the total cost of your Mini Split AC installation.

Home Size

Does home square footage increase my Mini Split AC Installation cost?

Yes it does. Home square footage, ceiling height, and stories all play a role in the cost. Also, mini-split systems work off two zones: single and multi-zone systems. Deciding between the two depends on your heating and cooling needs. You may need multiple heads (indoor unit) or even multiple condensers (outdoor unit).

Single zone systems have a single head and single condenser, and they only work for a single space. So for large, open areas, a properly sized and installed single zone mini split can work well, but most homes are not just a large, open room.

Multi zone systems have multiple heads that work with just one or two condensers. The number of heads and condensers depends on the actual design of your home. If you have a large, open downstairs, then a one large head and condenser can work. And if you have 4 upstairs bedrooms, then 4 heads and one condenser could work.
Generally, the bigger the home, the more rooms, and the more stories, the bigger and pricier your system.


How does sunlight affect my Mini Split AC system?

Different types of roofs, tree cover, siding, windows, and colors affect just how much and how quick the sun will heat your home. In the summer, more sunlight means your home is hotter, so you’ll need more cooling. And in the winter, less sunlight means your home is cooler, so you’ll need more heating. Because mini splits both heat and cool your home, the amount of sunlight that heats your home is a major factor to the system size.


Why is insulation important for mini-split systems?

Poor quality insulation allows more heat to escape from your home in the winter. And in the summer, poor insulation allows more heat into your home. This results in you needing a bigger and pricier system that has to run longer, increasing your energy bill.


Why does occupancy matter when sizing a furnace?

People generate heat. And depending on how many people, how long they’re inside, and how frequently they cook, shower, etc., this will add heat to your home. This results in you needing a bigger and pricier system that has to run longer, increasing your energy bill.  

Unit Quality

What makes a quality mini-split?

A cheaper unit costs less at first, but it’s often lower quality, more expensive to run & service, and may die sooner. While a better system can cost more initially, it often costs less to run & service, and has a longer lifespan. Generally, getting a better quality mini split with higher SEER and HSPF can be cheaper over the total life of the unit. Fortunately, mini-splits are a very efficient design, so a high quality unit can have very high SEER and HSPF!

Other Appliances

Do other appliances affect my HVAC system?

Larger appliances like ovens, generators, TVs, and computers all generate heat. And each one generates heat in a different zone of your house, which means you need different amounts of heating or cooling in each zone. The location and use of these appliances affects system size, location, and design.


Does my system come with a warranty?

Some systems come with just a few years warranty on parts. And some HVAC companies only warranty labor for up to 1 year. All mini-split systems we sell are Mitsubishi and all of them come with a 5 year parts warranty and 7 year parts warranty. If registered online in 90 days, you get a 10 years parts and compressor warranty. And if you go through a Diamond Dealer (we are) and you register in 90 day after install you get a 12 YEAR COMPRESSOR AND PARTS WARRANTY! Plus, we offer a 2 year labor installation warranty!

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Dedicated AC Maintenance Technicians

Total Cost of Ownership

If you want the best overall value, then you need to know the total cost of ownership. In other words, what is the total cost of your Mini Split AC system – including installation, service, maintenance, lifespan, and energy? Ask yourself:

How long do Mini Split Air Conditioners last?

Generally, a high quality Mini Split AC system can last around 20 years. But an improperly installed Mini Split AC can break down within days or wear out within 3 years.
Lower-quality systems often have short warranties and may not last as long. However, with proper Mini Split AC installation and maintenance, it may last longer.
The key to a durable, healthy system is a proper Mini Split AC installation and high quality maintenance

How often should I get my Mini Split AC serviced?

If your Mini Split AC provides both your heating and cooling, then you should get it maintained twice a year. Thankfully, with all installations, we offer a free year of maintenance – once in the fall and spring! This mitigates the risk of larger, more expensive repairs and keeps your system running efficiently. All of this is included in our bi-annual maintenance plan.

How efficient are ductless Mini Split ACs?

Mini Split AC systems are similar to heat pumps and are considered one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. That’s why many mini-splits can have a 20+ SEER rating, and some have a 40+ SEER rating.

Will my mini-split save me money each month? Each year?

When compared to traditional electric heating systems, mini-splits use 60% less energy to heat and 30% less energy to cool. To achieve the best results, look for high SEER & HSPF as they indicate high efficiency. Other factors like BTU’s, design, insulation, and sunlight all play a major role in energy savings.

Do mini-splits add value to a home?

Adding a new, more efficient system always adds value to a home, but how much exactly can vary. Home appraisal has a section dedicated to energy efficiency. In North Carolina, if a home is certified energy efficient, then it is more likely to sell and sell at a higher value than a less energy efficient home.

However, some people may not like the look or design of a mini-split system. To get the best answers on this, ask your local real estate agent to see what the local market trends are.

Are energy-efficient Mini Split ACs tax deductible?

It depends on the state, county, and even local utility company. Here is a helpful link:

Company & Process

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.” The price tag on a faulty Mini Split AC installation can become much higher than you think! Loss of warranty or insurance coverage, permanent damage to the unit or your home, and hours of headaches can be easily avoided by hiring an expert.

AC Maintenance Diagram

Mini Split AC Installation Process

Plenty of companies offer Mini Split AC installation. But if a Mini Split AC is installed wrong, it can create all kinds of short and long term issues. We have heard and seen these scenarios and homeowners are always upset and wishing that they had just done it right the first time. Don’t get caught up in this scenario. Learn what it takes to properly install a mini split.

  • Load Calculation – We do load calculations based on the major factors affecting a home, such as size, insulation, sunlight, etc. These calculations are often referred to as Manuals J load calculation.
  • Consult – We discuss the HVAC needs of the home, as well as the comfort, energy savings, and system lifespan with the homeowner.
  • Permits – We pull all necessary permits. Without the proper permits, your system cannot be inspected by the county. Also, in case of an electrical or system fire, insurance companies won’t cover any possible damages to your home. And usually system manufacturers will not warranty an unpermitted installation.
  • Removal – We remove your old unit (if there is one) and recycle the unit and freon. If someone is caught not properly recycling, but instead venting freon, it can result in a $10,000 fine due to its harmful environmental effects!
  • Mini Split AC Installation – We install the new system per the manufacturers specifications. No cutting corners, skipping valuable tests, or trying to skimp on materials like nitrogen or solder. This is very important – if the system is not installed properly, it will leak repeatedly and suffer serious problems.
  • Test – We pump nitrogen through the system, which helps remove harmful moisture. If any moisture is left in the system, it will turn into acid and start eating through various parts. The nitrogen is kept at a high PSI to also test for any leaks.
  • Retest – We then pull a vacuum on the system, sucking all the nitrogen and any contaminants out. Again, this keeps the system free of harmful moisture that would later acidize and destroy parts. And again, this allows us to test for any leaks.
  • Inspection – Once approved by the inspector, we fire on the system and do our last test and calibrations.s.

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Risks of Buying Mini Split ACs Online

Purchasing a Mini Split AC unit online from a 3rd party dealer can save money, but you need to understand the risks. Even if it is a quality brand mini-split, you won’t know what that system has been through and often it won’t have a valid warranty. That could cost you thousands of dollars and hours of headache. The risks of buying a junky unit, or a DIY kit, isn't worth the initial money you will save. Some of the risks include:

Questionable Quality

When you purchase a Mini Split AC system online, quality is a major concern. What brand are you buying? Is it really a certified unit? Search online and you will find many off-brand units. The parts they use, their manufacturing process -- it's all in question. We have seen homeowners get a system right out of the box does not work. Additionally, when the system breaks, the parts for these off-brand systems may be hard to come by. If your unit breaks down, you could be waiting weeks or longer for the replacement part.

Warranty Coverage Issues

When purchasing a unit or system online, you need to read the fine print. Many companies have specific installation instructions that require a professional HVAC technician. If not followed, this could void your warranty.

Additionally, most manufactures will NOT provide a warranty on Mini Split AC systems that have been purchased from a 3rd party online retailer. And off-brand Mini Split ACs may have warranties that provide poor and confusing coverage. Without a valid warranty, you must foot the bill for all repairs, labor, and maintenance.

Expensive Return/Parts Shipping

If you get stuck with a unit that has a broken part, then you may have to remove the bad part and get stuck paying for the return shipping. And if a unit is completely busted, you will have to return the entire system which could cost you hundreds.

Installation Difficulties

Most name-brand and off-brand mini-split retailers require a licensed HVAC professional to install your system. Installing a system without a licensed tech could result in damage to your unit or home and a voided warranty.

Many HVAC companies won’t install a unit purchased online. After numerous problems, we decided to NEVER install a Mini Split AC purchased online. We found that the systems had too many dead-on-arrivals (DOA), and the homeowner might be stuck with a broken system for weeks waiting on parts.

Do mini-splits add value to a home?

Adding a new, more efficient system always adds value to a home, but exactly how much can vary. Home appraisal has a section dedicated to energy efficiency. In North Carolina, if a home is certified energy efficient, then it is more likely to sell and sell at a higher value than a less energy efficient home.
However, some people may not like the look or design of a mini-split system. To get the best answers on this, ask your local real estate agent to see what the local market trends are.

Wasted Time

This is something that is often overlooked when going the cheaper route.

You could waste hours or days even trying to fix issues that can easily be avoided by buying from a reputable dealer and brand.

Only Mitsubishi Mini Split AC Systems

There are many different Mini Split AC brands to choose from such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Green Crown, and L Gach, and each brand has different pros and cons. However, at Casey Services, we only install Mitsubishi mini-splits because of their durability and performance. Some of the benefits of a Mitsubishi mini-split include:

Great Reputation

In addition to having a great warranty , Mitsubishi also has a great reputation in the HVAC arena for being energy efficient and durable. Check out a prices and reviews guide here or  see why New York Times rated Mitsubishi #1.

Energy Efficient

Mitsubishi offers ENERGY STAR rated systems with high 30+ SEER, meaning they're incredibly efficient and won’t drive up your energy costs.

Washable Filters

With washable filters that can last up to 10 years, you are helping out the environment and your wallet. No need to purchase new, expensive filters every few months.

Required Training

To repair, install, or maintain a Mitsubishi mini-split, certification from Mitsubishi is required. We must spend 2-3 days training in the Mitsubishi factory and recertify annually. This helps us stay updated on all the latest service technology and best-practices so that when we service your unit, you know we have the training and skill to take care of it.

Quiet Operation

Mitsubishi systems operate at a very low decibel range. The last thing you want is loud equipment while you’re trying to eat dinner, watch TV, or sleep at night!

Precision Temperature Control

Mitsubishi has the option for single or multiple zoned systems. With zone control, you can adjust the temperature in each room to your desired comfort level. No more rooms being too hot or cold! Also, this helps to save on energy bills as you are no longer conditioning rooms that no one is using. You only cool or heat the room you want when you want.

Parts Availability

Finding Mitsubishi parts for service or repairs is very easy. Because they take customer service so seriously, they are a very popular brand with supply houses, and we’ve always found their parts reliable. And because of their excellent warranty, we never have problems exchanging parts quickly.

Want to know more?

If you have more questions regarding Mitsubishi Mini Split AC systems or how they work visit Mitsubishi’s FAQ.

Risks of a DIY kit

Risks of DIY Mini Split AC Kits

We have talked about issues with warranties, unit quality, and even units showing up DOA when it comes to purchasing a unit online. All of these items and more apply to DIY kits. With that in mind, you CAN get a DIY Mini Split AC kit, but we DON'T recommend it, and here's why:


If your wall unit (head) gets installed at an angle, it can cause water to leak inside your home, leading to costly damages and mold. When the outside system (condenser) isn’t perfectly level, your system isn’t being oiled properly. Oil can pool to one side, only lubricating one side of the compressor. This leads to premature compressor failure.

Bad Instructinos

The instructions that come with a DIY ductless mini-split system are often vague and poorly written. This can lead to various issues during installation.

Moisture in the Lines

If the installer didn’t pull a vacuum (they didn’t pull out all contaminants like moisture), this can lead to acid creation. Acid builds up and kills the compressor in a matter of years.

Poor Placement

The owner may have installed the system successfully, but positioned it in a place where it makes the unit far less efficient. Also, some people may not like the look or design of a mini-split system. To get the best answers on this, ask your local real estate agent to see what the local market trends are.

Drain Line

Having a drain line that leaks into the wall or crawl space is a common problem. Additionally, since mini-splits drain via gravity, they need to have proper drain line fall so the water flows smoothly. Also, some people just drain the water directly into their crawl space. This can create other problems as water accumulates there, causing water damage, mold, or even structural issues.

Kinked Lines

When installing the unit in the wall, the drain and refrigerant lines can get pinched or stuck in the mount. This can ruin the unit if it’s not adjusted.

Bad Wiring

If your ductless Mini Split AC system wasn’t wired properly during the install process, this can cause confusing problems where the wrong rooms in your home are being heated or cooled. And using the correct type of communication wiring is extremely important for your ductless mini-split. Often, people will just use whatever wire they have, but improper wire type can interfere with or stop proper communication.