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We offer repair for all types of furnaces. Whether it’s oil, electric, propane, or natural gas, our NATE Certified HVAC experts got it covered. And just like with any HVAC repair we do, we guarantee those repairs for a year!

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We are not here to upsell or charge you for repairs you don’t need. Our HVAC technicians always provide you with honest, high-quality furnace repairs so you can stay comfortable even in the most extreme weather.

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We provide diagnostic reports and only repair what’s necessary. No hidden fees or surprises.

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We focus on our customers’ needs, providing top-notch service and ensuring satisfaction.

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We pay our NATE Certified technicians to repair, not sell. So their only incentive is to do what’s right for you.

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By checking your thermostat, air filters, breakers, and vent temperatures, you could save yourself a furnace repair call. Watch the video to find out more.

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How Do I Know if My Furnace Needs Repair?

Below is a list of symptoms of a broken or inefficient furnace. If your furnace has any of these symptoms, it likely needs service.

A rusted, dirty, old furnace that needs repair

Difficulty changing filter

This is likely your air handler filter. The air handler is what helps push the heat into your home. It could be due to rust, misfit, etc.

Higher than normal electric bill

Your furnace may be burning more gas than necessary, causing a large spike in your energy bill.

Gas odor

This can mean a number of things. You could have a gas leak somewhere, a cracked heat exchanger, or you could be low on LP gas as the regulator on your furnace can leak when you get low.

Hot/cold rooms

If the heated air is reaching some rooms better than others, then your ductwork most likely needs cleaning or repairs.

Takes longer to heat

This is a common sign that you are running low on gas, your burners are malfunctioning, or your ductwork is having problems.

Weak airflow

A quick solution could be a simple filter change. If not, it is best to have a technician take a look at your system.

Unit blowing cold air

If your furnace is blowing cold air, you might have a burner issue, bad ignitor, or simply be out of gas.

Furnace not turning on

While this may be a simple tripped breaker, power issues can indicate that your furnace is having more serious issues. Please call us to schedule your furnace repair.

Grinding or unusual sounds

This often indicates a larger problem and should be addressed ASAP as it could damage your system.

Poor signal

If the unit is turning off and on frequently, or is only working in specific modes, it’s best to have an expert come take a look.

Thermostat isn't correct

If you've set the thermostat, but it keeps resetting or doesn't maintain air or fan, then it may need to be recalibrated or replaced.

8 Most Common Furnace Repairs

The cost of a furnace repair can vary. It normally includes diagnosis, parts, professional labor, and possibly other fees like local permits or taxes. Below is a list of common furnace problems and what it takes to fix them.

An air filter covered in dust and needs changing

Dirty or bad filters

If your filters are dirty or bad, you may experience higher energy bills or bad odors.

No power or gas

If the unit doesn’t have power, it could be a simple breaker switch. If you’ve run out of gas, you’ll need to call your local gas company to get your tank refilled. 

Cracked heat exchanger

 A cracked heat exchanger can cause dangerous gas leaks. If you suspect this is the issue, turn your furnace off immediately and call a technician. Typically, this is a more expensive repair.

Faulty thermostat or wiring

The thermostat controls your entire furnace system – when to turn on, temperature, schedule, fan use, etc. Think of it as the brain of your system.

Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing a battery. But other times, the thermostat needs to be recalibrated or repaired.

Ignition issues

If the ignitor is bad then your furnace won’t be able to generate any heat. A gas odor can often be smelled if this is the case.

Blower belt

With a broken or frayed belt, your furnace cannot properly distribute heat throughout the home and may even make a high-pitched squealing noise.

Limit switch

The limit switch is what turns the blower on and off. Without it, the blower won’t activate and push the heat generated from the furnace into your home.

Supply, return, or ductwork problems

For your furnace to work it needs to freely cycle air through your home. If at any point the air is blocked or restricted, then your furnace can’t work properly.

Sometimes your home may not have enough returns, or some of the ductwork is damaged or restricted. Whatever it is, we can find and fix the problem.

We Service All Brands

From oil furnaces to electric and geothermal, we can service any system or brand of equipment that you may have.

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