Heat Pump Circuit Board Replacement

Heat Pump Circuit Board Replacement Video Transcript

Do you need a heat pump circuit board replacement? In this video, Casey Services will show you bad circuit board symptoms,
[On screen: In this video:]
[On screen: Bad circuit board symptoms]

why it may fail,
[On screen: Why it may fail]

the steps in a Circuit Board replacement,
[On screen: Steps in a circuit board replacement]

and the cost of parts and labor.
[On screen: Cost of parts & labor]

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A heat pump circuit board replacement keeps your unit working. The circuit board is the brains of the unit, and without it your heat pump stops working altogether! If you live in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham, or the surrounding areas, Casey Services HVAC can troubleshoot and replace a bad circuit board.

Symptoms of a Bad Heat Pump Circuit Board

So what are some symptoms of a bad heat pump circuit board?
Your heat pump fails to turn on or off,
[On screen: Bad heat pump circuit board]
[On screen: Won’t turn on/off]

is inconsistent with temperature,
[On screen: Temp. not stable]

or there’s blinking lights on the access panel.
[On screen: Blinking lights]

Why Did My Heat Pump Circuit Board Fail?

There are a few common reasons that your heat pump’s circuit board might fail. Poor solder connections,
[On screen: Common causes]
[On screen: Poor solder connections]

thermal expansion,
[On screen: Thermal Expans.]

power surges,
[On screen: Power surges]

or stuck switches are usually the main causes of a circuit board failure.
[On screen: Stuck switches]

You’ll need a tech to do circuit board troubleshooting.

Cost of Heat Pump Circuit Board Replacement

The average circuit board ranges from $50-$200 depending on your specific unit.
[On screen: Replacement cost]
[On screen: Circuit board: $50-$200]

And heat pump circuit board replacement is typically between $75-$150 an hour
[On screen: Labor: $75-$150/hr]

for about 1-2 hours.
[On screen: 1-2 hours]

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Don’t Get Scammed

Some companies try to scam you on a circuit board replacement. When in doubt, ask the tech for the diagnostic report, and take pictures of the damaged circuit board and the new one.
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Replacement Process

Each brand and year of heat pump is slightly different, so the process will vary. The general steps that a reputable HVAC technician like ours should take when doing a circuit board replacement are:
First, your HVAC tech will turn off the high and low voltage.
[On screen: Replacement process]
[On screen: Turn the power off]

Next, the tech will remove the exterior panel to gain access to the circuit board.
[On screen: Remove the panel]

Then, your HVAC tech will disconnect the wires and unscrew the bolts in each corner of your circuit board.
[On screen: Disconnect the circuit board]

Once the tech is able to see your circuit board, he will look for burn marks and scratches, crushed parts, cracked wires, bulges, or extra solder.
[On screen: Inspect the circuit board]

After that, your tech will install the new circuit board.
[On screen: Attach new circuit board]

Finally, the tech will turn the power on to the system to test the new circuit board.
[On screen: Test the circuit board]

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Once the new circuit board is installed and tested, your tech will reattach the exterior panel.
[On screen: Reattach the panel]

Always have a licensed tech work on your heat pump circuit board replacement. This keeps you safe, and is usually required for your warranties and home insurance
Save money and stay comfortable – learn more with Casey Services.


Heat pump circuit board replacement involves the technician essentially swapping the brain of your heat pump system. The circuit board is responsible for controlling various functions of your heat pump, such as turning it on and off and regulating the temperature. A bad circuit board can stop your heat pump from working altogether, whether it’s due to faulty soldering, thermal expansion, or other reasons. As a homeowner, it’s very important to find the right heat pump technician to help you troubleshoot and replace your circuit board to ensure your system is fully functional.

Signs of a Bad Heat Pump Circuit Board

There are many signs that indicate you might need heat pump circuit board replacement. The circuit board, also known as the control board, takes inputs from the thermostat and relays commands to all relevant systems. This vital component helps control on/off functions and the temperature in your home. So when your circuit board fails, you may see some of the systems below:

  • Heat pump failing to turn on and off properly – The heat pump may not turn on at all, or turns on and off repeatedly, never running consistently.
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling – The heat pump may be running, but it’s not producing any heat or cool air. Or it may be producing some heat or cool air, but it is not reaching the desired temperature.
  • Blinking lights in your access panel –  In some systems, there’s a port with several LED lights within the access panel. When the lights blink outside their usual pattern, that signals an error code that you can find in your manufacturer’s manual.


Why Did My Heat Pump Circuit Board Fail?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above and you have had a technician confirm the circuit board is the cause, you might be wondering why it failed. Here are a few of the common reasons for circuit board failure:

  • Poor solder connections – On the circuit board, there will be many wires soldered to different ports on the board. These create a complete circuit, but when done poorly or worn, it can cause an interruption in the flow of electricity. Cracks or gaps around the solder tell you if this is the issue.
  • Thermal expansion – Thermal expansion can cause the components on the board to become loose, disconnected, or even warped. As the circuit board heats up, components may expand and cause the solder connections to crack or break. This can lead to the same issues as poor solder connections. This can be a common issue in the hot North Carolina summers.
  • Switches are stuck – The switches on the circuit board can get stuck over time. This can lead to the heat pump running continuously, failing to turn on, or erratic function. Stuck switches can also overload the circuit, leading to overheating and damage to the circuit board.
  • Power surges – A power surge can be one way your heat pump circuit board stops working; it can cause electrical components to overheat and malfunction.

Heat Pump Circuit Board Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a circuit board in a heat pump depends on factors like its complexity, the cost of parts and materials, and the technician’s rate.

How Much Does a Heat Pump Circuit Board Cost?

The average cost of a circuit board is between $50-$200, depending on your heat pump. Over the past few years, the price has varied a lot due to parts shortage and supply chain issues, like you can see in the chart below.

click to enlarge
Note: It’s very possible you’ll be able to find the part on the internet. But before you buy, you should note that most HVAC companies buy parts that have special warranties that follow their systems manufacturers’ guidelines and keep you covered under your homeowners and other insurances. Additionally, they usually don’t install parts that you purchase online due to the risk of it being defective.

Labor Cost to Replace a Heat Pump Circuit Board?

The average labor cost is between $75-$150 an hour. And for this job it will take about 1-2 hours
In some cases, you can repair the circuit board. This would include fixing some solders and electrical wirings. Other times it may be more cost effective to replace the entire circuit board rather than attempting repairs. But this is best evaluated by a certified technician.

Protect Your Circuit Board – Surge Protection?

Surge protector devices can be installed to protect the home from electrical surges, brownouts, and other voltage disturbances. Because heat pump control boards can be damaged or destroyed by power surges, surge protection reduces the possibility of unplanned board replacement. Furthermore, several surge protector manufacturers provide warranties that cover damage to connected heat pump equipment.

Am I Being Scammed?

When seeking replacement services for your heat pump circuit board, there are a few things technicians may do that are red flags. But if you use this list, you can avoid them!

  • Show me” – Ask the tech to show you the damaged control board. A bad circuit board may have scorches, halos, or other signs of electrical shorts on the back of the board.
  • Ask about the process – Ask your technician what their process will be and see if they’re knowledgeable of the heat pump circuit board replacement steps (which we’ll discuss in the next section).
  • Ask if they checked the voltage readings – The board should be receiving 24 volts.
  • Make sure all electrical is tight – Ask the tech if all electrical components are tight, as loose bolts and wires can cause a short or blown fuse, resulting in a lack of power.
AC maintenance technicians running tests on a customers AC unit

How to Replace a Heat Pump Circuit Board

  1. Turn off the unit – First, turn off the high and low voltage. This ensures that the homeowner and the technician are safe. It also helps protect the circuit board and surrounding components from further damage.
  2. Remove the exterior panel – Next, your technician will access to your heat pump’s circuit board by removing the exterior panel of the unit.
  3. Disconnect the circuit board – Then, they will disconnect the wires attached to the circuit board and unscrew the bolts in each corner.
  4. Inspect the circuit board – The technician will then examine the board for scorch marks, halos, loose connections, or other signs that confirm that the circuit board is the cause of your heat pump issue.
  5. New circuit board is attached – For the reinstall, the technician will screw the new circuit board back into the same spot and reattach the electrical wiring to match the previous board.
  6. Test the new circuit board – Finally, the technician will turn on the power to the system and the circuit board will be tested to make sure it’s operating properly.
  7. Reattach the exterior panel – With the new circuit board up and running, the exterior panel will be reattached and the replacement is complete.


When done properly, heat pump circuit board replacement should get your system up and running. Because the circuit board is the brain of your heat pump system, it’s critical to keep it functioning properly. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, worried about getting scammed, or even just want a second quote, we’re happy to help here at Casey Services.

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