Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay Replacement

Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay Replacement Video Transcript

Do you need a heat pump blower motor relay replacement? In this video, Casey Services will show you bad blower motor relay symptoms,
[On screen: In this video:]
[On screen: Bad blower motor relay symptoms]

reasons why it may fail,
[On screen: Why it may fail]

steps in a blower motor relay replacement,
[On screen: Steps in a replacement]

and the cost of parts and labor.
[On screen: Cost of parts & labor]

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A heat pump blower motor relay replacement allows your blower motor to work properly. There are several symptoms of a bad heat pump motor relay. If you live in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham, or the surrounding areas, Casey Services techs are experts at replacing blower motor relays.

Symptoms of a Bad Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay

Symptoms of a bad blower motor relay include if there’s no hot or cold air coming from your vents,

[On screen: Bad heat pump blower motor relay]
[On screen: No hot/cold air]

a malfunctioning fan,
[On screen: Bad fan]

an unresponsive thermostat,
[On screen: Broken thermostat]

and clicking or buzzing sounds.
[On screen: Clicking/buzzing sounds]

Why Did My Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay Fail?

There are a few major causes of heat pump blower motor relay failure, but the biggest one is water damage.
[On screen: Common causes]
[On screen: Water Damage]

Moisture in the relay can short-circuit or corrode the electrical components around it.
Other causes can be lack of maintenance,
[On screen: Lack of maintenance]

[On screen: Age]

other electrical issues,
[On screen: Other Elec. issues]

or a relay that is stuck in one position because of debris.
[On screen: Stuck relay]

You’ll need a tech to do blower motor relay troubleshooting.

Cost of Heat Pump Blower Motor Replacement

New blower motor relays can cost $8-$30 depending on the model of your heat pump unit.
[On screen: Replacement cost]
[On screen: Blower motor relay: $8-$30]

And the relay replacement usually takes an HVAC technician 1-2 hours of labor
[On screen: 1-2 hours]

at $75-$150 per hour.
[On screen: Labor: $75-$150/hr]

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Don’t Get Scammed

Some companies try to scam you on a heat pump blower motor relay replacement. When in doubt, ask the tech for the diagnostic report, and take pictures of the damaged relay and the new one. To learn more, check out our series on how to avoid Heat Pump scams.

Replacement Process

Each brand and year of heat pump is slightly different, so the process will vary.
The general steps that a reputable HVAC technician like ours should take when doing a blower motor relay replacement are:

First, your HVAC technician should turn off the low and high voltage.
[On screen: Replacement process]
[On screen: Turn the power off]

This important step keeps everyone safe, and also protects the surrounding parts from further damage!

Next, your tech should remove the exterior panel.
[On screen: Remove the panel]

After that, the tech will unscrew the relay from your heat pump unit and remove the attached wires.
[On screen: Detach blower motor relay]

Once the tech has removed the old relay, he should inspect it for signs of damage. This will help confirm that the relay is the source of the problem.
[On screen: Inspect blower motor relay]

If the tech confirms that the relay is the problem, he will then reattach the wires to the new relay and screw everything back in.
[On screen: Attach new motor relay]

Now that the new relay is in, the tech should test everything.
[On screen: Test the blower motor relay]

During the test, the voltage should hit anywhere between 12v to 24v.

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With the new blower motor in place, the tech will reattach the exterior panel to finish the job.
[On screen: Reattach the panel]

Always have a licensed tech work on your heat pump blower motor relay replacement. This keeps you safe, and is usually required for your warranties and home insurance
Save money and stay comfortable – learn more with Casey Services.


Heat pump blower motor relay replacement is essential to keeping your heat pump functioning. Without it, your unit can’t push and pull the air through your home. But whether it’s water damage or age that’s worn out your blower motor relay, you can get it replaced without a huge expense when you learn a bit about how it works and what to expect from the technician you hire.

Symptoms of a Bad Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay

Two heat pump technicians work to diagnose a unit

So why is heat pump blower motor relay replacement so important? The blower relay of your heat pump regulates power to the blower motor and fan. You can think of it as an automatic on-off switch that turns the blower on and off to circulate warm or cool air throughout the home. When it’s not working properly, you should expect to see some of the symptoms below:

  • No hot or cool air coming from vents – When the blower relay is defective, it can’t signal to the actual blower motor to engage and power the fan, so there will be no air blowing through the vents.
  • Blower fan not turning on – The blower fan may not engage if the relay is having problems.
  • Unresponsive thermostat – If the thermostat does not engage the fan, it could be a sign that the relay is malfunctioning. Additionally, factors such as accumulation of dust and debris or loose wire on the relay or in the thermostat can cause issues.
  • Clicking or buzzing sounds – These sounds occur when the relay fails to make a stable connection when switching on and off or when the flow of electricity is interrupted by a loose or broken connection in the relay.

It’s important to note that other issues such as a faulty thermostat or a tripped circuit breaker could also cause these problems. It’s best to call a heat pump professional to confirm that the cause of the problem is the blower relay.

Why Did My Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay Fail?

There are a few possibilities. But don’t jump in and try to diagnose-leave it to a professional. Mistakes can result in injury or even loss of insurance. Below are some common factors of blower motor relay failure:

  • Water damage – This is the leading cause of blower motor relay failure. Moisture can short-circuit the relay or corrode the electrical components surrounding it.
  • Lack of maintenance – Just like all electrical appliances, a blower motor relay requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Without maintenance, the relay can accumulate dust and debris, leading to overheating and eventual failure.
  • Age – A blower motor relay deteriorates with time, as do most components of your heat pump. With regular usage or exposure to harsh environmental conditions, it can become prone to failure or become less efficient.
  • Electrical issues – An electrical issue such as an insufficient power supply can cause the relay to malfunction. Other electrical problems may include blown fuses, faulty connection, or a malfunctioning capacitor.
  • Stuck relay – Dirt, debris and dust, can cause the blower relay to get stuck in one position. A stuck relay will disrupt your device’s power supply, preventing it from turning on or causing it to shut down abruptly.

Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay Replacement Cost

There are a few factors to consider when looking at the cost of replacing the blower motor relay in your heat pump, and they include the cost of the part and the labor of the technician or HVAC company. Below are some rough estimates on what you would likely pay in the Raleigh, Durham, & Wake Forest areas.

How Much Does a New Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay Cost?

The cost of the blower motor relay typically ranges from $8 to $30, depending on your unit model. The graph below shows how much the cost of the part has varied over the last few years. To learn more why the price has varied so much and why it matters to you, check out our blog on the industry wide parts shortage.

Note: Because the part is so affordable, it might seem like a good idea to buy it yourself. Unless you are a licensed technician, “don’t.” Many companies will not install parts that you purchase online due to the risk of it being defective. HVAC companies buy parts that have special warranties that follow their systems manufacturers’ guidelines, maintain requirements for insurance, and cover more than what the average homeowner can buy.

amazon price history for a heat pump blower motor relay from CamelCamelCamel
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Labor Cost to Replace a Blower Motor Relay in Your Heat Pump

Labor expenses for replacing a blower motor relay will vary, but on average, it ranges from $75-$150 per hour, taking roughly one to two hours to replace and test. Be sure to get estimates from various companies so you are paying a fair price for the work.

Am I Being Scammed?

With any home repair, homeowners often worry about what can go wrong. Deliberate overcharging for routine maintenance, ignorance of the person hired for the job, etc. are all common issues. To avoid those pitfalls and scams, use the list below to help identify them.

  • Ask the tech to show you the old relay – And ask them to explain why it needed to be replaced. If it’s burnt, that’s a good sign it’s the cause of your HVAC problem.
  • Ask them to demonstrate how the relay works – This will help you understand the repair and ensure the technician is knowledgeable about the procedure.
  • Ask the technician if all of the electrical work is tight – A loose screw or a loose wire can cause a short, meaning the blower relay won’t work. If this is the issue, the HVAC technician should tighten it.
  • Ask for the brand and model of the replacement relay – With this information, then compare it against the manufacturer’s manual. Usually, the manual will offer troubleshooting advice and help you make sure the new replacement will be compatible with your unit.
AC maintenance technicians running tests on a customers AC unit

How to Replace a Heat Pump Blower Motor Relay

Below is the process that your heat pump technician should go through when replacing your blower motor relay. Keep in mind that these steps will vary depending on the make & model of your heat pump system.

  1. Turn off the unit – First, turn off the high and low voltage. This ensures that the homeowner and the technician are safe. It also helps protect the relay and surrounding components from further damage.
  2. Remove the exterior panel – Next, your heat pump technician will remove the exterior panel to get to the electrical components and relay.
  3. Disconnect the blower relay – The technician will unscrew the part from the system and remove the attached wires.
  4. Inspect the relay – The technician will then examine the relay, looking for signs of damage like burns or moisture. This helps confirm that the relay is the cause of the issues.
  5. Attach the new relay – Next, the technician will reattach the wires to the new relay and screw the new relay firmly back into place, being careful to keep the wires in the same place they were in before.
  6. Test the new relay – The technician will then test your new relay. During the test, the voltage should be between 12v to 24v, depending on your heat pump systems specifics. If the relay functions properly, then the blower motor should be activating.
  7. Reattach the exterior panel – With the new blower motor relay up and running, the exterior panel will be reattached and the replacement is complete.


    Heat Pump blower motor relay replacement is a key step to getting your system up and running again. Without a functioning relay, the motor can’t stay engaged and your home can’t be comfortably conditioned. To avoid this, reach out to the experts at Casey Services for help.

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