Geothermal Articles

Heating & Cooling With the Horizontal Geothermal Loop

This horizontal geothermal loop is a great way to save energy and maximize efficiency. Learn about how it’s designed and the benefits of horizontal loop.

American Standard Geothermal Unit

The American Standard Geothermal Unit combined with a proper geothermal loop provides many benefits including you may not have expected – free hot water!

Building an Energy Efficient Home

In this series we will review all that goes into building an energy efficient home. To start, here you’ll learn where homes expend energy and the savings, value, comfort, and other benefits of building an energy efficient home in the first place.

The Shocking Truth Behind Soaring HVAC Prices

Prices are rising throughout the US because of parts shortages. Those shortages are because of global shutdowns and other issues. Those issues make manufacturing and shipping parts difficult, slow, and expensive. Resulting in higher prices for homeowners.