Dehumidification Articles

Controlling Humidity in an Energy Efficient Home

Okay guys, what we're looking at here, this is the Ultra Aire. What this thing is is just a pure dehumidifier. That's all it does, that's its only goal in life, it's the only thing it does. It goes by the thermostat, the Honeywell 9500, but we went with the Ultra Aire...

Building an Energy Efficient Home

In this series we will review all that goes into building an energy efficient home. To start, here you’ll learn where homes expend energy and the savings, value, comfort, and other benefits of building an energy efficient home in the first place.

The Shocking Truth Behind Soaring HVAC Prices

Prices are rising throughout the US because of parts shortages. Those shortages are because of global shutdowns and other issues. Those issues make manufacturing and shipping parts difficult, slow, and expensive. Resulting in higher prices for homeowners.


Brand name for a type of refrigerant used in air conditioning systems