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AC Repair Video Transcript

Casey Services HVAC provides affordable and reliable AC repair during our hot Raleigh summers! We diagnose your air conditioning system quickly, we never try to upsell, and we guarantee our repair. Our techs are dedicated to providing high quality AC repair services for our Raleigh and Wake Forest families.

Signs You Need AC Repair

There are many signs that indicate you might need AC repair, such as:
AC blowing warm or hot air
[On screen: AC blowing warm or hot air]

AC not turning on or off
[On screen: AC not turning on or off]

The AC smells musty, or like a dirty sock
[On screen: Musty smell]
[On screen: AC smells like a dirty sock]

AC not cooling house properly
[On screen: Not cooling properly]

Thermostat not turning on AC
[On screen: Thermostat not turning on AC]

AC unit is making a buzzing, rattling, or hissing noise
[On screen: Buzzing noise]

Your indoor lights flicker or get dim when the AC comes on
[On screen: Indoor lights flicker or get dim]

AC fan not spinning
[On screen: AC fan isn’t spinning]

Ice on the outdoor AC unit lines
[On screen: Ice on the outdoor AC unit lines]

Why Casey Services AC Repair?

We’ve been providing AC repair to families in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham, and the surrounding areas for over 50 years.
[On screen: Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham]

Our technicians are customer-focused and upfront with pricing. Plus, all our techs are NATE Certified, so you never have to worry about your warranty being voided by an unqualified tech.

Give us a call or fill out our form so we can get your AC system up and running again!

Casey Services AC Repair Benefits

  • Guarantee Our Repair – If a part we replace breaks within a year, we will come back and replace it, free of charge.
  • Affordable & Reliable Our solutions are both sensible and affordable. No upselling or unnecessary services.
  • Service Areas – Serving Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding areas.
  • 50 Years of Experience Our experience allows us to diagnose quickly and get your system running ASAP.

Trusted AC Repair Techs

You want an AC repair technician you can trust. That’s why we run background checks and regularly drug test all of our technicians. And it’s why we don’t believe in running specials or gimmicks. Our core value is to provide honest, high-quality AC repair, every day.

Our AC repair service keeps you comfortable

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Watch This & Save $$$

By checking your thermostat, air filters, breakers, and vent temperatures, you could save yourself an AC repair call. Watch to find out more.

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How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Needs Repair?

Below are the 14 most common symptoms of a broken or inefficient AC system.

High electric bill

If your AC system is not functioning properly, it can cause your energy bill to spike. This is because it’s having to use more power and energy than it normally does. No one wants to be stuck with higher bills.

Rattling or hissing sounds

AC systems make noise, but sometimes this noise can be an indication of a larger issue. If you start to notice unusual or loud noises coming from your AC unit, it may mean you need service.

AC unit won’t turn on

It’s important to make sure that the unit has power. If you know there is power running to the system, but it still won't come on, it could be a more complex issue like compressor failure.

AC unit is on, but it’s blowing warm air

Feeling warm air coming from the supply vents when the thermostat is set to cool is a sign that your system needs work.

High Humidity

High humidity indoors could mean that your AC system isn’t pulling the humidity out, or that it wasn't set up properly to adequately remove humidity for those hot NC summers.

Bad, moldy, dirty sock odors

Dank, moldy, or dirty sock smells coming from the AC could mean that your unit or vent needs cleaning, or is potentially leaking water.

Smelling something burning, strong fishy odors from the AC, or noticing that the unit is constantly turning itself on and off is a major indicator that your AC system is overheating.

Certain rooms are hotter than others

When a heat pump is acting up, it is common to have rooms with large temperature differences. This could be problems with ducts, thermostats, air balance, or multi-system issues.

AC fan isn’t moving

If you know that the system has power, but the fan still isn’t moving, it could be a sign of a bad fan motor. Please give us a call for AC repair service.

Outside AC unit has ice on lines

Anytime you see ice forming on the outside system, this is a clear sign you need to have your system serviced.

Water stains or flooding

If you notice water stains or flooding around your AC unit or air handler, this could be from clogged drainage or bad water pumps.

AC never turns off

If your AC constantly runs without shutting off, your could have a fan or electrical problem.

AC breaker keeps tripping

If you've tried resetting the breaker, but it's still tripping, this may require electrical repair, AC repair, or both.

Thermostat isn't correct

If you've set the thermostat, but it keeps resetting or doesn’t maintain the desired air or fan settings, then it may need to be recalibrated or replaced.

Lights dim or flicker when AC turns on

House lights flickering or dimming when the AC turns on can indicate power-draw, capacitor, or compressor issues.

We Repair All Brands

From ductless mini-split systems, to hybrid, to central air conditioning systems, we can service any system or brand of equipment that you may have.

HVAC Equipment Brands
HVAC Equipment Brands