Maintenance Contracts

HVAC Maintenance Contracts

It never fails. The cooling equipment always seems to break down in the middle of a heat wave and the heating equipment stops working on the coldest winter day. Murphy’s law kicks in when you need comfort the most.

The best way to prevent unexpected break downs and extend the life expectancy of your system is with regular maintenance.

Investment in our service maintenance agreement provides you with the following benefits:

Two Service Tune-Ups per Year (One Spring/Summer and One Fall/Winter):
Our skilled service technician will inspect your system at the beginning of each season to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible.  These scheduled service visits give us the opportunity to catch problems such as loose or burnt wires, which can lead to larger problems and breakdowns, worn parts, and freon leaks.

Energy Saving Coil Cleaning
Dirty coils reduce the efficiency of your system and cause your unit to work harder.  This results in parts wearing out faster and shortening the life expectancy of the unit.  Month after month, a system with dirty coils will cost you more to operate.

Priority Service
When you are a maintenance agreement customer, you go to the FRONT OF THE LINE!  Should your system require repair, you will receive priority service before non-maintenance agreement customers.

15% off Repairs
If your system were to require repair, rest easy knowing that you are getting our lowest upfront pricing along with an additional 15% discount.

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