Natural Gas Conversion

Natural Gas Conversion

Are you thinking about converting your gas appliances from propane to natural gas? We can help!  Our team of conversion specialists will equip you with the information and knowledge necessary so you can make an informed decision about converting your home to natural gas.  Our up front, all inclusive pricing will help you plan for the expense of converting your home.

What’s the Difference Between Propane and Natural Gas?

Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas where natural gas is a fossil fuel. Both are non-toxic sources of energy used for home appliances, however, natural gas is cleaner and most cost-effective over time.

The Benefits of Natural Gas:

SAVINGS.  The price of natural gas is at its lowest and most stable point in more than a decade.  Compared to other energy sources, such as electricity and propane, you can see the savings after converting to natural gas.

THE ENVIRONMENT.  Converting to natural gas reduces your carbon footprint since it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available.

ENERGY EFFICIENT.   Electricity loses more than two-thirds of its usable energy in its generation and transmission from the producer to your home, according to the Department of Energy.  When you use natural gas, ninety percent of it is considered useful energy.

Convert the Rest of Your Home

Why stop at your appliances? Watch the Ultimate Energy Star Home Video Series to learn about all of the methods for making your home greener and more cost-effective.

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