When Should You Upgrade Your Unit?

Casey University continues with The Ultimate Changeout Series. This series examines the key elements concerning changing out your HVAC unit.

Upgrading Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

Dean discusses when homeowners should consider changeouts, the importance of load calculation, permit insurance, tear out and recycling, and much more.

The Ultimate Changeout Series examines the factors surrounding a homeowner’s decision to replace his old HVAC unit with a new American Standard variable speed unit. The average lifespan of a HVAC unit is 12 to 15 years. When older units begin to fail, homeowner’s have to decide whether to make costly repairs or purchase a new unit.

Families have an opportunity to capitalize on the decline of their older HVAC units, by replacing them with new higher SEER units. Dean contrasts the costliness of continually making repairs to older, less energy efficient units, with the energy savings homeowners can expect when switching to a new variable speed unit. Watch the video to find out more about when and how to make the Ultimate Changeout.