Ultra-Aire & Dehumidification

Humidity can not only make you uncomfortable, but can drive up energy costs, and cause your system to work harder than it should.

Ultra Aire is the Key to Comfort

ultraaire The key to home comfort is dehumidification. We went with the Ultra Aire dehumidifier because it is top of the line. This system’s only purpose in life to make yours more comfortable by removing moisture from the air in your home. All this system does is cycle air out of the return and dump it back into the supply. When your thermostat says there is a high level of humidity in your house the Ultra Aire works independently and dehumidifies while the AC unit is not even running.


People generally say, “Isn’t this just another piece of equipment that’s running?” Yes, it is, but if you can keep the 3-ton Ac unit from running and just let the Ultra Aire do its job, you will be able to keep the house at 78 degrees and it will be cold, and we mean a comfortable cold. With the Honeywell 9500 thermostat, you can tell the Ultra Aire to stay on and dehumidify the house while the geo unit stays off. This is where you save the big money, this is where you get the comfort level, and this is where you get a safe house without mold or mildew.

Mold and mildew need moisture, without it, they cannot survive. Do not spend money on these big units without dehumidifying the air. Without it, you have an unhappy homeowner, an unhappy builder, and an unhappy HVAC guy because he is getting complaints instead of good calls. Live the dream baby. Viva America!