The Ultimate Home Anniversary Introduction

The owners of the Ultimate Home have lived in the Ultimate Home for over a year.

How Do They Like the Ultimate Home?

We went back to the owners of the Ultimate Home for an update on how they are enjoying their NetZero, energy efficient house thus far. We asked them to tell us the truth and nothing but the truth. In this video series, the Ultimate Home-owners will give us their thoughts on:

Is Their New Home Comfortable?

The homeowners keep their thermostat set at 77 degrees in the summer. 77 degrees! Multiple systems work together in the Ultimate Home to make the indoor air comfortable without the homeowners having to set the thermostat to polar temperatures.


The Ultimate Home has spray foam insulation, a geothermal HVAC system, and a supply and return of air in every room; however, it’s the Ultra-Aire dehumidification system that deserves most of the credit for maintaining the home’s comfort level. The homeowners attest they can actually see the moisture and condensation exiting the house during summer. They would not dare let Dean take back their Ultra-Aire.

How is That Free Hot Water?

An added benefit of the Ultimate Home’s geothermal HVAC system is that it produces buckets of free hot water. During summer, the geo-unit circulates water through the geothermal loop, dropping the heat out in the ground, and bringing cool air from outside into the home. Meanwhile, the geo-unit’s storage tank holds free, usable hot water. Heating water accounts for a significant percentage of a family’s energy costs. Free hot water translates into big energy savings for the Ultimate Home-owners.

How Clean is the Air?

Frequent sinus issues and doctor visits plagued the family prior to living in the Ultimate Home. However, with the Accuclean system they have had no such issues this year. The Accuclean system removes 99.96% of all dust particles and allergens from the home’s air, making dusting and doctors visits virtually obsolete.


Overall, the Ultimate Home-owners’ experience in the Ultimate Home has been overwhelmingly positive. Next time we will hear what the homeowners have changed and what they would have done differently.