How Do You Sell Energy Back to the Power Company?

We call this the Ultimate Home, because it is the ultimate home in energy efficiency. The proof is in the energy bill.

The Ultimate Home Gives Back

During the spring months there were instances where the homeowners actually sold energy back to the utility company. How is that possible?

It starts with an tight home. Spray foam and sturdy exterior insulation, metal roofing, tight doors and windows, dehumidification, and geothermal heating and cooling all contribute to the incredible efficiency of this home.

energy efficient home construction wake forest nc

These systems allow the solar power plant to do its thing and produce enough energy to sell back to the utility company. One month they purchased 482 kwh of energy from the utility company, but pushed back 547 kwh. Of course, there is always a catch.

The power company does not buy back at the same rate at which they sell. Between the lower buy back rate and administrative fees, the homeowners still paid $50 for their energy bill. However, $50 is pretty low for a 2,700 square foot house.

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One tip the homeowners recommend is reducing energy consumption during peak hours, when rates are higher. The Ultimate Home-owners intentionally use less energy during the peak times, further reducing their energy bills.

We have really enjoyed working with Tim and Teresa, Mike Poupard (Grayson Homes), and everyone who helped build the Ultimate Home. We want to leave you with a little thought:

Heating and cooling from the ground
Electricity from the sun
We’re living here in America
And we’re having a lot of fun

Helping our people get off the grid
And keeping our kids off foreign soil
So one day soon we can tell them,
“We don’t need your foreign oil!”