R-Value & Spray Foam

Dean brings Mike Poupard, builder of the ultimate home, on the scene to discuss what exactly is going into the walls of this house.

Heat & Cold Resistance is Key to Efficiency

All of these features come standard in all Grayson homes. On the exterior walls of the house Mike has installed Dow rigid board air and moisture barriers.

dowboard-screenshotUnlike traditional Tyvex barriers, which are essentially paper, 1/2″ rigid Dow board has an R-value of 3. R-value represents the amount of heat resistance the material has. Dow board is almost three times more heat and cold resistant than Tyvex. Meaning outside air can’t get into your home.

spray foamAll Grayson homes use spray foam insulation rather than traditional fiberglass. This also adds to the overall R-value of the house. They are also built using 2×6 framing on the outside walls allowing room for a thicker coat of insulation. These components combined make it virtually impossible for outdoor air to make it into the home. We calculate that if this home was built using traditional methods that it would take 1.5 tons more AC to properly heat and cool it. That means with it you are saving significantly on your bills. The goal here is to heat or cool the house not the world. Viva America!