Horizontal Geothermal Loop

People often ask us how geothermal loop technology works.

People often ask us how geothermal loop technology works. In A/C mode Geo-loop units pump water through supply pipes in the ground and back through return pipes to the manifold. By the process of conductivity, the water pumped through the supply pipes will become the same temperature as the ground and return to cool the condenser very efficiently.

It is a mistake to make short loops when installing a Geo-loop unit. If there is not enough loop, the pipes can become too hot and bake the ground around them. When the ground is baked, the dirt will expand away from the pipes, reducing the amount of energy transfer. We make sure our loops are over-sized so homeowners will never experience this problem; however, we also install a soaker hose that can be hooked to a water hose and used to cool the overheated loop.