American Standard AccuClean System

The key to Energy Star is having foam in your attic. Even when it is hot outside, you do not want to cool your attic.

Spray foam insulation will keep the heat out of your attic so your A/C system can cool your house more efficiently. Older systems using duct tape lost as much as 25% of their capacity to cool a home, so using Masitc tape is another means by which you can ensure your system is performing at its peak.

The American Standard AccuClean system removes 99.96% of dust particles and allergens from the air in your house. AccuClean makes dusting virtually unnecessary, improves the overall health of homeowners by reducing dust and allergy related sickness.

It is important to have a new home inspected by an Energy Star inspector. An Energy Star inspector will test the performance of all the systems together and give a measurable score of the home’s energy efficiency. Practicing these methods and the others we have discussed in this series will ensure that a house is as energy efficient as possible.