How To Avoid HVAC System Breakdowns In Extreme Temps

How To Avoid HVAC System Breakdowns In Extreme Temps

In contrast to our exceptionally mild winter, Wake Forest weather is known for significant temperature swings and extremes. For homeowners, extreme weather can expose issues with your home’s systems and exacerbate malfunctioning components.

When temperatures are really hot, or really cold, your HVAC system is more likely to require repair. Unfortunately, every other heating and air conditioning system in town is susceptible to the same problems. Regular and proper maintenance of your HVAC system is key to ensuring your heating and air conditioning avoiding service calls during extreme temperatures and weather.

Regular Maintenance Helps Prevent System Failure

Like any mechanical system, your HVAC unit requires regular and proper maintenance. Maintenance steps include:

  • Air Filters: You should change your air filters at least every two months. Some systems and homes may require monthly filter replacement.
  • Debris: Make sure your unit is free of debris such as limbs, leaves, and grass clippings. Maintain at least two-feet of clearance between your system and shrubbery and fencing.
  • Leaking Lines: Check your unit for leaking refrigerant.
  • Outdoor Fan: The fan on your outdoor unit should be removed and cleaned as often as it becomes dirty. Make sure you turn off power to your system before removing and cleaning the fan.
  • Airflow: All of your home’s vents should be open and unobstructed to encourage maximum airflow.

It is important that homeowners perform these maintenance steps; however, it is difficult for the untrained eye to recognize other issues beneath the surface of an HVAC system. Our service contracts help homeowners avoid catastrophic system failure by ensuring issues are identified as early as possible.

The Value of Heating and Air Conditioning Service Contracts

Casey Services’ technicians are highly trained and certified to identify potential problems with HVAC systems and make necessary repairs. In addition to regular inspection, our service contracts include:

  • Service Tune-ups: Twice-yearly maintenance tune ups including what we described in the list above and more.
  • Energy Saving Coil Cleanings: Over time, heating and air conditioning coils become dirty, which leads to lower energy efficiency and higher risk of failure. Coil cleaning restores the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.
  • Priority Service: When your unit requires more significant repairs, priority service ensures you are at the front of the line.
  • 15% Off Repairs: In addition to identifying issues early, you will save money on any required repairs.

The most effective way to avoid system breakdowns during extreme weather is to avoid unexpected system breakdowns altogether. To find out more about our service contracts and the benefits of regular, professional maintenance, contact Casey Services while the weather is mild.