Why You Should Include A Dehumidifier When Building Energy Star

Why You Should Include A Dehumidifier When Building Energy Star

According to local meteorologist Mike Moss, the annual mean humidity for the Raleigh area is 71%. Simply put, that is high. Moisture is a factor that should be seriously considered during the building process. When you are building Energy Star homes, you cannot afford to underestimate moisture.


Are Builders Taking Moisture Seriously Enough?

Moisture levels vary from region to region. However, here in the Raleigh area, the impact moisture has on a home is undeniable. Unfortunately, many builders discount the seriousness of moisture and high humidity environments when it comes to the way homes are constructed.


Moisture And The Tightly Sealed Home

In order to be a Certified Energy Star builder, you must meet strict energy standards set by the EPA. These standards result in tightly sealed building envelopes. Tightly sealing a home’s envelope has many benefits. Tightly sealing a home in a high humidity environment can result in a humid, uncomfortable mess.

ultraaireCombat Moisture With A Whole House Dehumidifier

You can combat moisture build up in a tightly sealed, Energy Star home by installing a whole house dehumidifier. A whole house dehumidifier works in tandem with your HVAC unit to remove moisture from the air in the home, creating a comfortable indoor environment for the home’s occupants.

noBottom Line

We will not install an HVAC system on an Energy Star home without also installing a whole house dehumidifier. We would be doing you the builder, and your future buyer a disservice if we did not hold fast to this requirement. We recommend the Ultra-Aire Dehumidifier. We have found Ultra-Aire to be the ideal whole house dehumidification system for humid climates.